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Project Management – The Nature of Great Planning

You often find you have more tasks to do than time to do them. Many tasks are pulling you away from what you really need to be working on. You’ve compiled a to-do list but just can’t figure out how to prioritise to make things happen.

You know the next step is to hire support.

Many small businesses are now working with Virtual Assistants to establish their goals and do what needs to be done.

Project Management, or the science of getting things done, is a valuable process for businesses. Developing procedures is an important part of goal setting and success.

But project management is no longer a corporate term for big business strategy. Current research shows that the growth of SME’s, entrepreneurs and sole traders is increasing rapidly. The workplace is downsizing yet workloads are increasing alongside the introduction of new technology. Business strategy & project management – its effectiveness and efficiency -  is no longer about size – it’s about working smart.

Think for a moment about the projects in your business and the tasks on your to-do list. Continually relegating tasks or failure to complete tasks on time are often fundamental shortcomings in planning. Regardless of the size of the project at hand, often applying these 5 principles can provide a more effective process and more successful outcome.


Have a clear idea of what needs to be done. Prepare a preliminary breakdown of objectives and intended outcomes.


The planning stage determines the life cycle of what needs to be done. Outline the work to be performed and determine what resources are needed, the cost, scope and duration. This phase is vital: a successful outcome requires preparation and processes.


This is when the actual work is done - where the plans are actioned, tasks are undertaken, forecasts are determined, and timelines are utilised and monitored.  This stage is the longest, but it will reap the benefits of good preparation, planning and development from the previous stage.

Monitoring & Control

This phase involves reviewing the performance of the tasks. Identifying any issues or variances from the plan and monitoring to see if there are any adjustments or changes needed to determine a successful outcome.

Close & Follow-up

At this phase, all tasks are completed and finalised. It is also an opportunity to assess and review the processes.  It’s a chance to discuss any observations and evaluate if any changes could be implemented to benefit any future projects/tasks.

Once you’ve developed a process for completion you can better establish what you need to do and what can be outsourced. Delegation is key. Having an extra pair of hands on deck will inevitably provide a more successful outcome.

A good Virtual Assistant will be focused on assisting you with implementation, execution, monitoring & development procedures to ensure successful completion.

Collaboration Equals Innovation” ~  Michael Dell