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What is a Virtual Assistant & why do I need one?

Current research shows that the growth of SME’s, entrepreneurs and sole traders is increasing rapidly and many UK’s corporations are downsizing in favour of flexible working. As more companies are embracing remote working, virtual assistance is becoming a more viable option.

A Virtual Assistant is, essentially, a freelance PA and with this current trend, advertising, interviewing and recruiting for an assistant is no longer the only option when hiring for professional business support.

A Virtual Assistant offers flexibility and can provide assistance when required. VA's are paid for the hours they work only and don't require holiday or sickness pay or training, benefits or NI. They have their own resources, so their clients don't have to provide equipment or a workspace.

A good VA is an independent contractor, a business person, who can be trusted to provide professional business support services.

As most would do their research before hiring a contractor for home improvements, or a professional to handle legal affairs, the same should be applied when hiring for business support.

A VA can become a great business partner, however, due diligence is required. It’s important to do your homework and to know what to look for.

Qualities of a Good Virtual Assistant

Responsiveness ~ acknowledging/responding to emails promptly. 

Professionalism ~ always courteous & approachable – instilling confidence & demonstrating competence. 

Reliability ~ dependable & consistent in delivering quality services with agreed deadlines. 

Attention to detail ~ thorough & accurate when accomplishing tasks

Good communication skills ~ confident & articulate with excellent written & verbal communication skills

Good time management skills ~ focused, organised & motivated multi-tasker. 

Flexible/adaptable ~ an experienced organiser that doesn’t require micro-managing.

Compatibility and the right skill set are fundamental; however, all good VA should also demonstrate the above qualities.

Virtual Assistant skills vary, and it isn’t unusual to hire a number of VA’s for a variety of tasks. A good VA will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the support you require.

When is it time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following, now is the time to hire a VA:

  • You have a backlog of admin tasks & you don’t know how to prioritise them & avoid necessary tasks as a result.

  • You are having trouble keeping track of client details, meetings & deadlines.

  • You have tasks that need doing but you don't have the skill-set to undertake them.

  • You spend a lot of your time on tasks which can be delegated. Time which would be better allocated to business development & growth.

  • More often than not you work a full week & weekends.

Essentially, lack of time is why you need to delegate to a Virtual Assistant. Time is infinitely more valuable than money… so spend it wisely. Delegation is key.

“Focus most of your time on your core strengths and less time working in areas you suck at” ~ Yanik Silver

If you’re interested in delegating your admin tasks, please call me for a free consultation: 07817 190 714 or email me: peggy@p3va.co.uk