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VA Document Formatting Services – From Delegation to Completion

Creating professional documentation can be a timely process. Whether it’s an extensive report on strategic planning or competitor analysis or a lengthy business plan or project proposal – it’s often a long way from initial idea to finished product. 

Sometimes it’s difficult juggling the various stages of document creation. A lot of time and energy can get wasted or lost, and many business owners now rely on VA services to complete formatting tasks.

A Virtual Assistant can:

Assist during the initial stages, organising as well as typing audio and handwritten notes from meetings;

Create draft document templates;

Research information and data;

Source and create high-quality images, graphs, tables, charts and infographics;

A Virtual Assistant will design a word document with;

A linked Table of Contents for easy navigation;

Generate lists for Figures and Tables;

Create/source graphics, images etc., for Figures & Tables;

Format text styles;

Create headings & subheadings;

Customise chapters and sectioned pages;

Create stylised text boxes;

Customise layouts with headers, footers and page numbering with brand/logo inserts.

With over 20 years experience & great attention to detail, I provide polished & professional documentation ~ I also enjoy what I do too!

If you're interested in delegating your formatting tasks to a trustworthy & reliable Virtual Assistant, please contact me for a free consultation.

Call: 07817 190 714, or email: peggy@p3va.co.uk