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Welcome to P3VA

Specialising in Powerpoint Design & Word Formatting

Business Solutions That Champion Your Brand

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Specialising in PowerPoint Design & Word Formatting

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

Paul Rand – Designer

Creating the right impression is crucial in business – presentation is everything.

A well-designed, well-structured document or presentation is fundamental to success.

Whether your presentation or document needs a touch-up or complete overhaul,

I can ensure it is conveyed visually in a professional, consistent and engaging way.

I have a great eye for detail, and I am passionate about the work I do.

I’ve worked for over 20 years with large corporations and small business owners

creating presentations and documents for branding, sales and promotion.

I’ve also re-designed presentations, providing images and slides for tutorials and

instructional videos.

(in conjunction with PowerPoint, I also use graphic programs to create diagrams & icons)

Please see below work/examples loosely based on projects I have previously undertaken for clients.

* I also create videos in PowerPoint * ~ please visit my YouTube channel for examples of my work.

Presentation - Example 1 (click here for presentation animation)

Presentation - Example 2

Presentation - Example 3

Presentation - Example 4

Presentation - Example 5

Presentation - Example 6

Presentation - Example 7

Presentation - Example 8

Presentation - Example 9

Word - Example 1 (click to enlarge image)

Word - Example 2

Word - Example 3

Word - Example 4