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15 Tasks you should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

One of the pitfalls business owners experience is wearing too many hats.  They struggle to develop and grow due to task overload. Getting bogged down with the details of day-to-day responsibilities ends up being counterproductive.

Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant will reduce this pressure. This will provide more time to focus on business growth and development - achieving greater productivity and success.

An experienced VA will offer services that cover individual projects and can also provide services on a weekly or monthly basis. They’re well organised and can complete tasks faster and more efficiently.  The following should be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant;

1.   Managing email accounts

Email management is one the most time-consuming of tasks. Maintaining a ‘healthy’ inbox is, however, vital.  A good VA will make sure your email accounts are decluttered and well organised and ensure clients are contacted and/or updated in a timely manner.

2.    Email marketing

Marketing via email is essential in promoting your business. Whether it be company newsletters, offers or updates. Email marketing campaigns boost potential customer awareness and can increase your client base. Regular client contact will improve client relations and business reputation.

3.   Diary/calendar management

A good VA can take the hassle out of planning, organising & scheduling meetings and appointments. They’ll make all the arrangements – all you have to do is be there.

4.   Copy & audio typing

Having a background in EA/PA roles means many Virtual Assistants have a wealth of experience in audio and copy typing. They can transcribe meeting notes from audio/video files, letters & documents and weekly/monthly reports.

5.   Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the most significant spreadsheet applications. Excel’s functionality can perform most business computing needs. A good VA can utilise Excel for production and management of reports, accounts, records and statistical information.

6.   Invoicing

A VA can prepare and send out invoices as well as providing processes for scheduling invoices and reminders for up to date customer account records.

7.   File management

Creating, labelling, sorting and maintaining accurate computer filing systems is something a good VA will excel at doing.

8.   PowerPoint

Most business slideshows & keynote presentations, brochures and business materials are created using PowerPoint. This is another time-consuming task which can be delegated to an experienced VA.

9.   Creating business document templates

Creating business templates for company headed letters, documents, invoices, presentations and reports are not only time-saving but also essential for consistency. A VA can create templates to ensure the correct business information is always provided accurately.

10.   Social media management

Ensuring up to date company information, news, recruitment ads and blogs etc., is essential to promoting and establishing a reputable business profile.

11.   Website management

A website is one of the most important business marketing assets.  Updating web content and website maintenance is necessary for promoting a professional business profile.

12.   Design

Hiring designers to create business materials can often be expensive. Designing logos, business cards, brochures, banners, icons, eBook covers etc., is a task many VA’s undertake. They can then incorporate it into company literature and publications.

13.   Internet research

The 'information highway' can be tricky to manoeuvre. An experienced VA can collate relevant information and data resources. This research can then be presented in many formats for a variety business purposes.

14.   Telephone support/call answering

Telephone calls can be as time-consuming and disruptive as emails. A simple call diversion can save valuable time. Your VA can be your representative. They can liaise with co-workers, contractors and clients. Supporting and managing your business requirements on your behalf.

15.   Event planning

Planning and managing an event requires great organisation. A good VA will excel at researching venues, catering services, suppliers etc. Providing costs/quotes, organising guest lists, drafting and mailing invites etc., to ensure the event is successful.

Finding the right VA to outsource tasks to will provide a better business structure. This, in turn, will also increase business productivity. Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant gives you more time to focus. You'll then excel in your business and not become overwhelmed by it.

"Being overwhelmed is often as unproductive as doing nothing, and is far more unpleasant. Being selective ~ doing less ~ is the path of the productive" ~ Timothy Ferriss